Cybil was recently rescued in El Monte. Along with 9 other kittens and 12 adult cats, Cybil was living in a yard filled with trash and junk. She and her siblings were all incredibly sick with upper respiratory infections. They were rescued by 2 amazing volunteers from Stray Paws Animal Haven, taken in for immediate medical support, spayed and neutered and socialized.

Cybil is currently decompressing in a foster home. She was brought to the home along with some of her colony mates on Oct 29th. Please check in with us to see how she is progressing! As of now, she is still weary. While she loves pets and doesn't hiss, she is still shy and hides a lot of the time. She likes to watch the others play, and we know she will be joining in in no time at all. Cybil doesn't growl or lash out, so we are guessing with some love and patience she will be a lap kitty in no time. :)