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Meet Hugo!


Hugo is the second biggest of his litter. He is sweet and loving, and loves to be petted but is still a bit cautious when approached. His coat is super unique, and feels like a combination of silk and velvet.

Hugo is still a bit shy, but coming around everyday. He is in a foster home with many kittens, and would love a family of his own where he can be the center of attention. He loves to run super fast and play as much as possible. When he is tired he likes to sit and watch your every move.

Hugo was living outdoors in a heap of scrap metal and other trash with his 4 siblings. Mom was nowhere to be found as the kittens were 4 weeks old, just old enough to be on their own. Stray Paws Animal Haven, our partner rescue organization, received a call about the kittens and sent one of their dedicated volunteer trappers out to get them. She cut her leg getting them out, but was able to save them all.

The kittens had severe eye infections, as the majority of stray kittens do. Some of their eyes were so infected they were completely crusted and sealed shut. Hugo was one of them.

The kittens were taken directly to a wellness clinic where their eyes were cleaned and medicated. Luckily, a foster was available and they were put into a home that night. There they grew into the beautiful, sweet kittens they are today.

Hugo needs to be adopted into a home with another playful dog or cat, as he is still a small kitten. Or maybe you would consider adopting Hugo along with one of his siblings, Harrison, Heidi, Helen and Huey!

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