4 months old
all black
good with dogs, cats, kids


Binx was one of five kittens born to a feral mom on the streets of LA. Her mom chose a great warm spot, behind a washing machine and dryer that belonged to an apartment complex. They were born on April 10th, 2021. The day after they were born they were rescued and put into a foster home. Luckily, Binx got to spend 9 weeks with her mother, receiving the healthy benefits of nursing and being nurtured. She is still with two of her siblings. 

Binx has an identical twin! She and her sister Patty are almost indecipherable from one another. We know all black cats don't look alike, but these two really do! We challenge you to find a visual difference between them. :) 

Binx loves attention. She will sit next to you on the couch and mew for your attention. If you don't respond, she will tuck herself next to you, against you and the couch, in a little ball. 

She will follow you around room to room, standing at your feet. She loves laps and pets, and is not afraid to ask for more. 

Binx needs to be in a home with another playful animal, as she is still a kitten. She gets along with adults cats and dogs and is very outgoing. She has not been around kids but we are sure she would be great with them. If possible, she would love to be adopted with one or both of her littermate sisters.

Like all of the FurEver Companions cats, she is spayed, fully vaccinated, microchipped and healthy. 

You can have a meet n greet with Binx online or in person! Her foster mom lives in West Hollywood. Her foster mom is moving soon and Binx and her two sisters will need to move out.

We are here for your questions, simply fill out our adoption application for more info, pics and videos.

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